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About Us

Aquarius Water Management Pvt Ltd - a joint venture of water treatment professionals including engineers, chemists and scientists. Our immeasurable experience and technical knowledge is what makes us so different from others. We can guarantee you that there is no other company in this region , who are taking such a low profit margin as us , because for us water treatment is not just a business - Its' a mission and dream come true.


Aquarius is one of the leading swimming pool construction company in India. We are also involved in the design, supply and installation of swimming pool equipments, water treatment plants, reverse osmosis systems, fountains & spas.

We have joined together with various European, Australian and American partners to ensure that the products supplied are of the highest quality and compliant with the most stringent European and American standards.

Our swimming pool division is headed by the most experienced technical experts in south India .Our troubleshooting team is distinguished for their peculiar skills in swimming pool water clarity assertions.

Technical support and after sales service are just as important as the product itself. We at Aquarius are fully aware of this that is why we have created a team of skilled factory trained experts to ensure that the satisfaction of our clients is guaranteed.

It is value, affordability, reliability and peace of mind that you are looking for, then look no further than Aquarius


Water purification is the removal of contaminants from untreated water to produce drinking water that is pure enough for its intended use, most commonly human consumption .Substances that are removed during the process of drinking water treatment include suspended souds,bacteria,algae,viruses,fungi,minerals such as iron ,manganese and sulphur and man made chemical pollutants including fertilizers.

It is important to take measure to make available water of desirable quality at the consumer end. Our plants are designed by a team who has over 25 years of experience in water treatment plant design & erection.This is what makes for belief come true……….. "Water ….the purest liquid in life ……….purification of the impurities may be difficult, but it is surely possible through Aquarius.


Aquarius RO is the product of innovation based on consistent market demand of providing a cost effective, easy-to-maintain unit designed for harsh Indian tap feed water conditions to produce high purity, RO water for drinking water needs.

It is designed to provide with many years of use and satisfaction with minimum of maintenance and the lowest operating cost. We are confident that you will find Aquarius RO to be one of the best pieces of purification plant available today, and for years to come.

It is multi-stage advance water treatment system to make even ground, salty water to bottle water standards using RO technology, which is being used world wide to make bottled mineral water.


Pressure boosting system is a compact & easy to install with high hydraulic pressure &flow rate performance &minimum electric energy consumption .It consists of an automatic pressure controlled pump and a tank which converts low pressure from an over head tank into high pressure resulting consistent and full flow in showers bath tub and dishwasher & provides consistent pressure on all floors.


Saunas and steam rooms are heat rooms that people use for relaxation or to relieve some medical conditions like congestion or arthritis

Saunas provide dry heat in a wood-paneled room from a wood or electric stove. Generally the stove heats rocks, which radiate heat throughout the room. A sauna may have small amount of steam if water is poured over the hot rocks, however a sauna overall provides dry heat. The temperature in a sauna typically ranges from 160-200 degrees Fahrenheit with a low level of humidity (ranging from 5-30 percent)

Steam rooms provide moist heat from a water-filled generator pumping steam into the enclosed room. The temperature in a steam room typically ranges from 110-114 degrees Fahrenheit with a humidity level of 100 percent. Neither one is necessarily better than the other; so go ahead and try them both out and decide which one you prefer.

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